Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Have Moved

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It is with great joy that i announce that this blog has moved, it is now one with :

I highly suggest as many people subscribe to it! It will be an amazing blog with great contributors!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Deathwing at 1750 Tournament

Recently i played at a tournament that was designed around the Throne of Skulls Ruleset (Death to J.J). And as one might expect, i brought with me my Deathwing list...i think its one of the few competitive lists that our ancient codex can bring forth and be competitive with, so without further adew, i present to you the list of the Angels:

Belial TH/SS

Deathwing Squad 1
Deathwing Squad 2
Deathwing Squad 3
Deathwing Squad 4
Deathwing Squad 5
1 TH
Deathwing Squad 6 (Belials Buddies)
1 Apothecary/TH/SS
1 Standard Bearer TH/SS
2 Plasma Canons
Im not going to go into details about each match all i will tell you is that i faced Eldar in round 1, where Eldrad Died to a stray Missile shot after failing his save twice, The avatar engaged belials squad and another squad of termies and lost, while his Howling banshees, put on the hurt on 2 termie squads and wiped them out. His Dark Reapers sniped my Devastators off the table by turn 2. The game was kill Points Pitch Battle and i won it with something like 9 Points to his 6 by turn 7....all he had on the table was 1 pathfinder and 1 howling banshee left.
The second game was against puppies, it was 2 objectives and dawn of war, he had Logan with some chainsword wolfguard , long fangs with missile and las as well as either 3 or 2 psykers with jaws. Basicaly my biggest mistake was to split my forces in 2...i sent 3 squads and belial after his objective which he placed in his deployment zone on the 4th floor of the building and 3 to defend mine whic was in a ruined terrain on the opposite side of the table, he left one troop of terminator wolf guard to guards his objective and assaulted me with logan and his remaining forces on mine. It was the fastest tournament game ever, took us 40 mins to finish, even the organiser was surprised. Game Ended turn 5 with me trying to climb an Emperor forsaken skyscraper to contest his objective while logan was munching on my poor 3 Termie squads which were thinned out by las fire and jaws that he kept casting for 4 rounds. I think the game would have ended in a draw had we played 1 or 2 more rounds, but such is the magic of dice.
To my opponents benefit i have to say that he was a very friendly player, we did not share jokes or stories during the fight but we both showed respect to one another and has no LOS/Rule disagreements what so ever, so all in all it did not really feel like a loss. He went on to win all his 3 games and claim 4th position overall.

The 3rd game was against the thousand sons marines, he had 3 rhinos full of TS marines , 3 sorverers and ahriman, as well as a defiler, the game was relatively easy with my missile launchers giving his way too many wounds and popping his rhinos like i dont know what, as well as my devastators waking up and not missing a single shot in 5 rounds. Funniest game ever, and the best opponent i can imagine! He had best sportmanship at the whole tournament, not to mention that he made like 7-8 spawns through out the whole game, which was hilarious as he said he had bad luck all day with that...
The game Ended with me controlling all 4 Objectives to his 0. I did give him my vote for best sportsman as our game was full of fluff references and jokes, we even had belial go against 2 obliterators and get smashed to pieces, and then the reast of his squad get turned to spawn !
The surprise came when the results were released, i had come 6th out of 32/34 people due to me doing better then the other Space Marines....the thing was they had incorporated me in the SM category and not a Dark Angel category, same happened to the only other Black Templat player, as you see since we were the only players of the codex we would come first, and that would propably seem unfair to the others, which is completely understandable in my opinion, better let 2 die to save millions (inquisition mode on). But all bitterness aside, it was the fairest solution and im sure i would have done the same had i been an organiser.

The first place went to a Blood Angel i believe, but the army didnt look very threatening at all, so i will not speak of it as i had no games agaisnt it.

All in all it was a good tournament and the First Legion did, come 6th out of 32/34 players.

For The Lion, For The Emperor and For Caliban!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today im going to talk about Deathwing. It is one of the things that makes...or rather made us unique. Now we all have taken our pure deathwing armies out on table and have been greeted with question such as "Where are youre troops?" or remarks such as "WoW". How ever despite the "Cool/Stun Factor" are the Deathwing efficient?

In the 5th Ed theres alot of goodies and rules that peel the shell of them. The increasing Melta/Plasma gun spam has done nothing good for the men in white! An Imperial Guard veteran squad can be fully upgraded to have Meltas/Plasmas. Wolves Grey Hunters may take pretty much what ever they want, and the ever threatening Mech Lists mean that out 5 man Deathwing squads have to rely on a 33% to roll a 5 or a 6 to stay alive. For a model that may costs up to 49 points it just dosent seem that efficient!

And do keep in mind that our 2+ save is extremely cool, it is still victim to propability. Horde armies of orcs that charge and foce 20 saves will guarentee you lose 3 termies, ofcourse there are exceptions for many rules, but Statistics also play a huge role in WH40K
Okay ladies and Gentleman,

Due to some positive feedback and Emails from some youtube battle reports with my Dark Angels i have decided to attemp and make a blog following some thoughts, tactics and anything else that has to do with the 1st Legion! The Sons of the Lion!